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Stainless Steel Corn Planer Thresher

Stainless Steel Corn Planer Thresher

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Stainless Steel Corn Planer Thresher

Material: Stainless Steel
Effortless corn threshing
Non-slip handle
Rust-resistant & non-toxic
Hang-able space-saving design
Size: 18.2 x 6.5 cm (approx.)

Threshing kernels from corn is a time-consuming task.

Also, if done with hands, it is a tiring and hurtful task. On the other hand, using a knife to peel them is also dangerous.

So want to thresh a corn’s kernels quickly but without compromising safety?

Then, put your hands at this Stainless Steel Corn Planer Thresher.

It helps you thresh your corn in minutes to speed up your kitchen work and save some time.

What you’ll get:

Ergonomic design: The handle on this thresher is long and circular in design. It gives you a strong grip and avoids slipping from your hand.
Save space: There is a hole-shaped strong and thick hook equipped with the handle. It helps you hang this thresher to quickly access it and save space in your kitchen.
Easy kernels threshing: The cutting mechanism of this thresher is sharp enough to enable you effortlessly thresh your corn in a few minutes. Just slide this thresher from one side of the corn to the other and extract the kernels with utmost ease.
Food grade material: Non-toxic stainless steel is used to make this corn planer thresher. So easily use it for your food purposes.
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