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3 Size Nylon Power Drill Brush

3 Size Nylon Power Drill Brush

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Transform your drill into a powerful cleaning machine!

Save yourself from the tiring manual cleaning! Powerfully clean any nook and crannies of your home with the 3 Size Nylon Power Drill Brush.

Upgrade your cleaning efficiency up to 6 times that of manual cleaning!

3 Different Brush Sizes - Choose from the three brushes to fit your cleaning needs! Each brush has a specific shape to thoroughly clean any corner or surface. Clean any tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas.

  • Small head for small, narrow or tight areas.
  • Round-tipped head for corners.
  • 4-inch wide flat-headed for large areas of ceramic, stone, or carpets.

Easy, Stable and Faster Cleaning made possible with this brush set installed on your drill. Get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster than before!

  • Compact & Light Build - Never get tired easily. Let this bad boy do the cleaning job done! Brushes are lightweight which makes it easier for you to hold your drill during the cleaning process.
  • Safe Without Any Damage - These nylon brushes will not damage or even lay a scratch on your belongings.
  • Multi-purpose Brush Cleaner - Use it on any part of your home! Perfect for bathtubs, grout, bathroom surface, floor, tile, shower, toilet, and carpets.
  • Simple Drill Installation - Fits both cord and cordless drills. Easily change from the brushes by using the stainless steel quick change shafts. Simply slide it right on your drill and tighten.
  • Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Black
  • Sizes: 2 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch

Cut your cleaning time in half!

Add this nifty 3 Size Nylon Power Drill Brush to your cleaning arsenal NOW!

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