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Blade™ Quick Weeder

Blade™ Quick Weeder

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A handyman toolset that's high quality, hand forged, and welded. 

HOLLOW HOE GARDENING: All steel weed pullers: Our hardened hollow hoe can be used for weeding, loosening soil, planting vegetables, landscaping, and other daily gardening work.

EASY TO USE: A gardening tool with a unique hollow design, a very practical gardening tool, not dragging soil nor sticky soil, easy to use, and pleasing to use.

QUALITY MATERIALS: Selected high-quality tool steel, hand forged and welded, durable. The surface is smooth and does not stick to the soil.

FORGING PROCESS: Traditional quenching and forging process is used, without any anti-rust polishing treatment, it does not affect the use and does not become blunt quickly.

WIDE USES: The garden tool can be used for household weeding/ditching /soil loosening/seeding/plowing, etc. Easily competent for daily gardening tasks such as planting vegetables and landscaping.


  • Product size: about 30*16cm/34*16cm(Wooden handle is not included)
  • Main material: Metal

Package Included:

  • 1pc Blade™ Quick Weeder
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